Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007: The Year of the Pussy

Welcome to the Year of the Pussy!

January seemed to be the perfect time to begin celebrating all things vaginal. As we in the Northern regions bundle up in preparation for the winter months and hibernate awaiting the Spring thaw, many women are snuggling into the arms of loved ones and others are going inside themselves to gain deeper understanding or heal or simply celebrate the most sacred parts of themselves.

So we kick off the Year of the Pussy with the January tradition of New Year’s Resolutions.

What’s your New Pussy Resolution? What? You’ve never heard of a New Pussy Resolution? Well dear soul, it is certainly time we all began our year with a Resolution that will better our relationship with our own or our favorite pussy!

This month I will be crafting my Personal Pussy Plan for 2007. I suspect it will center around my goal of preparing for pregnancy and motherhood. But a Personal Pussy Plan, like the amazing pussy itself, can take many forms and reflect numerous goals.

What’s your New Pussy Resolution?

Don’t know where to begin with your plan crafting? Here are a few tips:

1. The Personal Pussy Plan is personal. This is all about you baby. So there are no right or wrong answers.

2. The plan should have some direct linkage to a pussy near you.

3. As always we come from bliss and love, so your resolution should come from and move you closer to love and bliss.

4. If it makes you smile when you think about your New Pussy Resolution you’re on the right path. If the smile it brings forth closely resembles the evil-doers smirk, perhaps you’ll want to revisit Tip #3.

Not the creative type? Feel free to use some of the suggested New Pussy Resolutions we collected at the local coffeehouse:

Finally get that pesky Pap smear.
Not have sex this year.
Get a better understanding of desire and restraint.
Wear a thong.
Stop wearing thongs.
Learn to track my menstrual cycle by watching the moon.
Write a paper on the health effects of birth control products released in the last 10 years.
Learn to masturbate.
Teach my daughter and son about menstruation.
Throw a menopause party!
Shave my snatch.

Kick off your Year of the Pussy with the vim and vigor of your neighbor on his first dose of viagra! Pick your New Pussy Resolution with care and pride! Jump in with both feet (so to speak) and let us know how it goes.

As we traverse 2007 we will celebrate the Year of the Pussy with guest speakers, interestng articles, input from you and more.

Topics for upcoming months include:

February - Black Power: The Enslavement of Black Women’s Reproduction
March - Spring into Spring: Flowers and Herbs as a path toward healing
April - Hippity Hoppity: Religion and your Coochie
May - Goin’ to the Chapel: Marriage and Pussy, Part 1
June - Blushing Brides: Marriage and Pussy, Part 2
July - Cunt: A Declaration of Independence
August - Hot Love in the Summer Time: Safe Sex can be Hot!
September - Labor Day Edition – Pregnancy and Sex-Positivity
October - Sex Magick: Pussies and Pumpkin Seeds
November - Cold Turkey: Sacred Celibacy
December - Ho! Ho! Ho! – From Temple Priestess to Modern Day Hook-her

Please know that you are welcome to join us on this interactive journey. Post a comment if you like. Soon you'll be able to subscribe to the podcast and even call in for live shows! Ciao for now!

Peace and Positive Pussy Power,

The Pussy Lady

Monday, August 21, 2006

This quaint, yet provocative podcast is designed to get women talking. We all have stories about our experiences with our bodies. These stories tell our truths from the perspective of our sexuality, our physical health, our spiritual lives, our emotional experiences. Pussy the Podcast was derived from Pussy, The Seminar: Creating Safe Space Dialogue about our Most Sacred and Controversial Body Part. In this flagship seminar, women come together to discuss care and maintenance of the vagina and it’s common visitors including our monthly menstrual friend. We fight the good fight against the fierce fibroid. We share successful strategies for combating the familiar yeast infection in this low-carb millenium. We ask questions about fertility, breast cancer and bacterial vaginosis. We explore taboos and cultural messages around body image, masturbation, romance, marriage, pornography and sexual orientation. We find courage, answers and solutions. We discover and claim our Pussy Power proudly!

Pussy the Podcast: Our Stories in Our Voices includes an archival for our oral histories. It is a space for us to learn and to share. In this space mothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters, sisters and friends will share our Pussy Stories. We will lift our voices and educate the world on our successes and struggles. We will ask our questions and provide each other with answers. Welcome to Pussy the Podcast. Come learn. Come Share.

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